Ozzy Osbourne's 60th Birthday

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Ozzy Osbourne turns 60 and he celebrates his 60th birthday while rocking out; how else would the Prince of Darkness usher in a new year? Find out some surprising facts about how he maintains health and fitness.

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Happy 60th birthday Mr.Osbourne.

same age as my own mother.

You might be 60 Ozzy , but I'm comming over to have hannuka with you , and do lots of weeping and hugging even chocolates.

This world may not know what you've ment to me , but I am certanly ready to explain it to them.

Wheather they comprehend or not.

it's been 60 years for you , and 42 for me.

I realise no amount of words can express how I feel , and so I have decided to play for you osbournes.

you and I both know that's no lauging matter.

I want answers ozzy , the kind I'm not getting , only you and sharon can make the decision to let me in or not.

I'm just a little pissed off with lady gaga myself ozzy , when she put on paul stanelys boots , my brain told me that's the last straw.

anyway , I love you with all my heart , and I will crush anyone who hurts osbourne.

signed Shaul Melchizedek.
By Melchizedek5 3 years ago