Butterflies in Fashion in Ukraine

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Ukrainian designer Maria Bekh has presented her first collection dedicated to a transformation from a cocoon to a butterfly. Our correspondents from Kyiv would like to tell us about the fancy dresses they have seen.

Turning women into beautiful butterflies – that’s the aspiration of this young Ukrainian designer. Her name is Maria Bekh. This week she presented her first collection, which is based on a natural transformation from a cocoon into a butterfly.

[Maria Bekh, Fashion Designer]:
"First, things begin from rather bare dresses, as I call them, because they do not have any decorations, or quilling, only the accessories that we've added. Then chiffon comes out from the seams, which looks like a light and airy butterfly - and finally the dress turns into something very lightweight."

Starting from simple styles, the dresses gradually become more voluminous and airy. Chiffon creates the effect of wings.

[Maria Bekh, Fashion Designer]:
"This butterfly comes out from the seans, or out of here.”

The last dresses in the collection are the most playful. They are made from organza. There are about 26 feet of fabric in this one, because you have to work with several layers to avoid the transparency.

Maria describes her work as sculpting, because it accentuates the feminine shape.

[Anna Varavva, NTD News]:
"Accessories are a separate part of the collection. These beads made from plastic and metal can decorate any attire, even the most modest one."

[Irina Danilevskaya, Organizer, Ukrainian Fashion Week]:
"Things are fashionable and beautiful, with an unusual cut and at the same time comfortable - this is a sign of big success in the future."

The young designer has already achieved some success. In May of this year, Maria Bekh was voted the winner of the “Triumph Inspiration Award” contest, held in Paris.

NTD, Kyiv, Ukraine.