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    UK ice thaw prompts warnings


    by ODN


    The UK has enjoyed a nationwide thaw for the first time since the severe wintry spell last month.

    Britons will be relieved to experience warmer temperatures as a balmy blast of weather from the west is expected to take hold.

    But the thawing conditions mean that pedestrians run the risk of being hit by icicles and snow falling from buildings.

    Scotland - which saw the worst snow since the 1960s - is on alert, fearing flooding to be caused by melting snow.

    The western areas of the UK are expected to be the warmest, where temperatures are expected to reach 10C (50F) in the South West, north Wales and Western Scotland.

    Britain has seen temperatures as low as minus 20C (-4F) since the country was gripped by the freezing conditions on November 23.

    Colder conditions are set to return on Sunday and into next week, with more snow and ice expected up until Christmas.