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    Continuous Rainfall Affects Transportation in India’s Tamil


    by NTDTelevision

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    Continuous rainfall over the past two days has affected local transportation in India's Tamil Nadu state. More rainfall is expected in the next 24 hours.

    Torrential rains have hit the Indian state of Tamil Nadu for the past two days. It's paralyzed traffic in metropolitan cities like Chennai, Puducherry and Tuticorn.

    According to Chennai's weather forecasters, a low-pressure system in the Bay of Bengal caused the rains.

    [S. R. Ramanan, Director, Chennai Meteorological Center]:
    "The low pressure area of the Tamil Nadu coast still persists because of this low pressure. It rained at most places of the north coastal districts and at few places in the north interior districts and at one or two places in the southern districts."

    Schools and colleges in Chennai have been closed as a result.

    And locals are finding it to be difficult traveling around the city.

    [Subramanian, Chennai Resident]:
    "The rain in Chennai is very heavy now. And for past week it is having a big effect on the people of Tamil Nadu. The transportation is very bad because the road conditions are very bad."

    The heavy downpours have also claimed more than 150 lives.

    Meteorologists expect more rain in the next 24 hours in most parts of the state, while Chennai would be cloudy with heavy winds and intermediate spells of rain.