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    WikiLeaks: Chinese Regime Propaganda Chief Behind Google Att


    by NTDTelevision

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    Last week we told you about U.S. diplomatic cables leaked by WikiLeaks revealing a senior Chinese communist official was behind the Google hacking that came from China. Now, the Chinese regime’s Propaganda Chief, Li Changchun has been named as the person who may have directed the attacks.

    Over the weekend, the New York Times named the senior Chinese communist official that may have been behind the attacks on Google’s computer systems last year. U.S. diplomatic cables leaked by WikiLeaks indicate a member of the Chinese regime’s Politburo, Li Changchun, was responsible for the attacks.

    According to the New York Times, a cable dated May 18, 2009, quoted a well-placed source saying Li had searched for his name on Google’s international website, The results Li found were, quote, “critical of him.” Another cable dated earlier this year quoted a Chinese person, with family connections with the Communist Party’s elite, as claiming that Li directed an attack on Google’s servers in the United States.

    Li is the Communist Party’s propaganda chief, and is behind the regime’s internet censorship machine, dubbed the “Great Firewall.”

    Whether Li masterminded the hacking on Google is not clear. The source in the cable dated this year told The New York Times that Li oversaw the campaign against Google’s operation in China. But that person did not know who directed the hacking attack.

    The leaked cables also implicated another Politburo member in the Google hacking. The Chinese regime’s top security official, Zhou Yongkang was cited as having oversight over the Google attacks along with Li.

    Google pulled its search engine from the Chinese market earlier this year. It had announced it would stop censoring search results for the Chinese regime after highly publicizing attacks on its servers that were traced back to China.