Bruno Mars - Grenade THE REMIX (ft. Audio Imagery)

Audio Imagery

by Audio Imagery

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http://audioimagery.net, download there WHoooooooo! I DIG THIS SONG. As soon as I heard it I was hooked. Bruno Mars is really good. Had my doubts at first but good googalie moogalies he has some catchy stuff. It was weird cause I tried to find acapellas for so many other songs before I even heard this song. I am also happy cause I got this song done so quickly. Listen. Share. Enjoy. ~ItsAudio Verse: I already know That you’re ready to go And ready to roll to another mannnn but I can’t control the way that you hold my heart, I just can’t understand there some thing about you that baby I know you don’t want my love You're the only girl that I am thinking of Rap: Your body’s like TNT you could light Ton of that and I would still run to the sun and back like a running back You always got me never wonder that Even if they gunning at, Bullets shooting Coming at Me, Baby I would start world war three, chuch My heart rumbling, harder than its ever been, love is comin in And I would Defend you like a thundercat, What he just say?? You better Run It back I know what you say when I get up under that you never say it to me, I hope you love me back I’m spill a lot of energy, BP Love Grown up boyz II men, bended knee I’ll catch that grenade and walk strait onto a plane like im superman girl I run straight into a train, oncoming traffic drive straight into your lane


Vertrauen hat viele Gesichter, auch das man Vertrauen kann, von jemanden nie in Versuchung geführt zu werden. Besonders nicht wenn man gesundheitlich vorbelastet ist und man blind vor Liebe vertraut auch geholfen zu bekommen, wenn man es nicht hinbekommt. Steht man alleine da und muss zu diesem noch viele Probleme alleine bewältigen, kann es nie Liebe gewesen sein. Wie sehr kann liebe ich, wenn ich ihm am Anfang schon Schaden zuführe?
By sbgadc 4 years ago
Hey man, love? your vids ! ..i feel lonely though.. :))d
By hazeloris 4 years ago