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    Bruno Mars - Grenade THE REMIX (ft. Audio Imagery)

    Audio Imagery

    by Audio Imagery

    12 428 views, download there WHoooooooo! I DIG THIS SONG. As soon as I heard it I was hooked. Bruno Mars is really good. Had my doubts at first but good googalie moogalies he has some catchy stuff. It was weird cause I tried to find acapellas for so many other songs before I even heard this song. I am also happy cause I got this song done so quickly. Listen. Share. Enjoy. ~ItsAudio Verse: I already know That you’re ready to go And ready to roll to another mannnn but I can’t control the way that you hold my heart, I just can’t understand there some thing about you that baby I know you don’t want my love You're the only girl that I am thinking of Rap: Your body’s like TNT you could light Ton of that and I would still run to the sun and back like a running back You always got me never wonder that Even if they gunning at, Bullets shooting Coming at Me, Baby I would start world war three, chuch My heart rumbling, harder than its ever been, love is comin in And I would Defend you like a thundercat, What he just say?? You better Run It back I know what you say when I get up under that you never say it to me, I hope you love me back I’m spill a lot of energy, BP Love Grown up boyz II men, bended knee I’ll catch that grenade and walk strait onto a plane like im superman girl I run straight into a train, oncoming traffic drive straight into your lane