Audio of Press Conference American Citizen Sues High Ranking

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Posted also at with photos and edited video of speakers

This is the complete audio of Press Conference on December 7, 2010 NYC.Announcing a civilian lawsuit by American Citizen, Mark Gould who has exposed Nazi War Criminal, Bernhard Frank and his chilling past Loved by Himmler , 97 years old Bernhard Frank remains proud and unrepentant for signing the orders that made the Germany Army responsible for the genocide of 6 million Jews. Why was Frank untouched for almost 70 years ; unpunished and unrepentant.? Why do the Neo- Nazis exist in 21st century Germany? It took a private American citizen, Mark Gould, to find the murderous Dr Frank in the phone book. The world forgets. But, the Jews do not. This private citizen, Gould, has filed an historic lawsuit against Bernhard Frank. Institutions have been sued, but never an individual perpetrator. At the age of 97 , Bernhard Frank is finally exposed.