How To Draw A Lizard

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How to draw a lizard. Lizards are one of the easiest things to draw. You are going to make one just sideways. There is his head. Here's his front foot. Here's his back foot. And here's his tail. His tail and the whole thing connects like that. That is like the easiest thing. You want to make him look a little more real. You can make the legs kind of come up into the body. And you can make behind it, you can make the second set of legs. And then let's go to the face. Eye like any other eye. Mouth. Now if you want to make him a fancier looking lizard, you know that some lizards have these fancy dragon looking things. You can give him scales. Same thing you would draw roof shingles. And give him a cool place to sit. Maybe on a rock. Lizards like to sun themselves on rocks or on the sidewalk until you walk by. But it's one of the easiest things, to draw a lizard.