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    Kalle K

    von Kalle K

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    first...why are you guys creating fake ccounts?
    registered this day and only activity a comment to this video and a bad rating?! seem to underestimate the power of the internet...
    you can reach thousands of people in a few minutes!
    I posted the DIRECT-VOTE-LINK in my facebook (620 friends) and my youtube channel (1200 subscribers) and sent many mails in other social networks, asking all the people if they could do the same and to post the link in their status!
    after that i postet in forums and on PSN and so on...
    And that's only what i did...many of my friends spreaded the link too!
    One buddie sent it to 7.000 students of his university!
    After 1 minute the link was everywhere it was insane!

    we were surprised too HOW MANY votes there were now!
    so please don't be that offensive and think twice before stating such claims!
    Von NosTeraFuVor 5 Jahren
    just don't listen to these guys ;) theyre just jealous because you won!
    I really had to laugh when i see this guy running away haha :D
    Von wheelchairboy231Vor 5 Jahren
    karys flambon
    You claim to act as a general in the army? Just by pressing a button in the afternoon on thursday and 15,000 soldiers answer the call? Who you kidding?
    You're a LIAR, you CHEATED, and we can prove it.
    No glory to win by cheating
    Von karys flambonVor 5 Jahren
    if you post the direct-vote-link in forums and social networks and ask your freinds to do the same you get plenty votes within minutes!!
    and you don't get 1 additional view because it was THE DIRECT VOTE LINK which doesn'T open the video.
    Von NosTeraFuVor 5 Jahren
    Kalle K
    Omg shut up stupid fake(your account havent even exist yesterday and the only comments u made,are hatercomments on our video)
    since 18:30 yesterday we didnt do anything for votes!
    We didnt post the link and we didnt send it to our friends. We rly dunno why our votes raised up so quickly!
    We jusztsat in our beds and were looking at the score.
    So greets to everyone who voted for us good job we love ya
    Von Kalle KVor 5 Jahren
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