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    Christmas Greetings From the Appointed Son, Pastor ACQ

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    I’m sending my warmest Kingdom Greetings to all full-time miracle workers, our dedicated administrators, ministers and coordinators, faithful citizens of the Kingdom Nation all over the world.
    I’m also taking this special opportunity to greet our dearest viewers, avid radio listeners, covenant partners, covenant members and sympathizers – those who have regularly been following our programs via Sonshine Media Network International.
    Merry Christmas to all of you.
    We once again celebrate the brightest season of the year. We thank the Almighty Father that the year 2010 has been a very fruitful one.
    It has been a very busy year, and the blessings that we have received were truly beyond compare, as we declared our Kingdom theme for 2010, being “The Year of Unprecedented Blessings, Unparalleled Miracles, Unmatched Growth and Expansion, Unsurpassed Revelations and Matchless glory for the Father’s Kingdom Nation”
    We have witnessed the General Harvest take place. Millions are drawn to the Last Trumpet Message, rising up from their spiritual graves of sin, and are becoming sons and daughters of the Father.
    The Kingdom of God is indeed here among us, as the Father’s will, which is being done in heaven is also done by every faithful Kingdom Citizen here on earth.
    This Christmas, we celebrate not only the birth of the Begotten Son in the Jewish setting, but the very purpose why He came. In the Kingdom Age, Christmas takes on a different meaning, for the Father’s salvation work is already completed through the Appointed Son who is in our midst today.
    2011 will be another year of conquest and dominion, as we go into new frontiers for the demolishing of the territories of darkness and the setting up of the sentinels of light.
    Once again, Merry Christmas and let us welcome the year 2011 with anticipation of more unprecedented blessings ahead.