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    Locals Cycle to Promote Cleaner Indian Kashmir


    by NTDTelevision

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    Locals participate in a bicycle rally in India's Srinagar City. They're doing it to raise awareness about environmental issues in the region.

    Locals participated in a bicycle rally in India's Srinagar City on Wednesday. They're raising awareness about pollution in the Kashmir valley.

    The event encouraged locals to use bicycles to commute to schools and offices.

    [Nausheen, Participant]:
    "Our environment is in dire need of events like these for the propagation of social awareness, so that everybody knows that our environment is really at stake. Hence, if such events take place especially in Kashmir, I think it will have a lot of effect on people as they will become aware about the rising issues of the environment."

    They cycled along the scenic Dal Lake in the city.

    Despite the cold weather, many came out to show their support.

    Organizers say there is an urgent need to curb pollution in the area.

    [Sara, Organizer]:
    "If we take the example of Srinagar City, and look around, then the city which was not green earlier is now green and we are unable to keep it that way. Hence, I feel that if pollution is reduced then of course we will be able to keep the city green."

    The rally was organized by a local radio station in collaboration with a bicycle manufacturing company.