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    Czech Republic Reconstructs Napoleon´s Biggest Battle Win


    by NTDTelevision

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    The second largest city in the Czech Republic - Brno - went back in time to the year 1805, marking the big Battle of the Three Emperors. Canons, fire locks, horses and 1,200 volunteers in historical costumes make the day unforgettable. Our Czech correspondents report.

    Reconstruction of Napoleon´s biggest battle victory - the Battle of the Three Emperors - is held near Brno.

    1,200 volunteer soldiers in historical costumes create a realistic atmosphere.

    The soldiers are volunteering all from their passion and love for history.

    Martin Stárek from Brno travels all over the world to play in these unique reconstructions.

    [Martin Starek, History Enthusiast]:
    "My friends and I have been participating in this kind of event for a few years. You feel the same way historic soldiers did. You hear bangs everywhere around you; shots are fired all around. It´s an adrenaline rush."

    Another military fan - soldier on horse - was also enjoying the day.

    [Soldier Volunteer]:
    "I think this is the best way of commemorating those thousands of soldiers, who have fallen in this war. We are their living memorials. "

    Participants of various nations come to the reconstruction.

    Gregoire Boyer has come from France.

    Boyer has been participating in battle reconstructions as a hobby for 8 years.

    [Gregoire Boyer, History Fan]:
    "It is always pleasure to come here. Feeling the field is exciting, it gives you lot of big feeling emotions."

    Despite the cold weather, the battle reconstruction is a great first hand historical experience for people to get involved in.

    NTD News, Brno, Czech Republic
    Inga Longauerova