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    Cape Town "Honeymoon" Murder Suspect Implicates Husband


    by NTDTelevision

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    And the murder of a newlywed bride in Africa takes a grim twist with the convicted murderer accusing the husband of being behind the murder. A South African state prosecutor has accused British businessman Shrien Dewani of planning the murder of his wife.

    A South African state prosecutor told the courts on Tuesday that taxi driver Zola Tongo, was allegedly offered 15,000 rand ($2,165 U.S. dollars) to kill Anni Dewani. He says Anni's husband Shrien Dewanito organized the killing.

    Tongo has been convicted of the murder of newlywed Anni Dewani on the night of November 13 in the town of Guguletu.

    Anni Dewani was murdered "at the insistence of her husband," the prosecutor said in reading out a plea bargain agreement in which Tongo pleaded guilty to murder.

    He was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

    Anni's father, clutching a photograph of his daughter, left the court in tears after the verdict. He expressed his gratitude to South Africans who offered the family support and kindness after her death.

    [Vinod Hindocha, Father of Annie Dewani]:
    "I would like to say thank to the South African people for the support and thank you for the whole world for the condolence messages to our family through email, through Facebook, personal visits and I hope... I have nothing more to say. I thank you, thank you all."

    Wealthy businessman Dewani returned to Britain soon after the murder on November 13.

    He was not immediately available to comment on the accusation by the prosecutor.

    The court heard that the victim's husband approached Tongo shortly after arriving in South Africa, and that he also helped to mastermind the murder.