LF Day 54 62

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Hi lizzielols Thank You for your deciphering. You have got either brilliant hearing or a good sound system!!! :-) Lxxx
By suelyn1 4 years ago
OK suelyn1. John is saying that Josie loves & likes everyone and doesn't say a bad word about people. Then she is saying to JJ at the start she always liked John but didn't fancy him because of the way he was. John explains it was because he couldn't trust anyone as he went round the group finding things like Dave talking about money all the time and Ben about his TV career. Josie says John really likes who he likes and doesn't like who he doesn't and has no middle ground.
By lizzielols 4 years ago
Red LadyBug 91 I tried but there's too much going on at the same time, has anyone got a really good sound system ?!!
Hope you are feeling better Diddididi Thanks for all the vids .I get my BB11 fix between 8 -10 :-) L xxx
By suelyn1 4 years ago
Listen to the convo between John and Josie its VERY interesting ;D XD thank you x x
By RedLadyBug91 4 years ago