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    Jingling and Jingling

    Steve Caston

    by Steve Caston

    736 views an original Christmas song.
    A night or two ago I was taken by surprise. There was this big fat man sailing through the sky. He was driving a sleigh with his suit of red. There was a whole lot of reindeer and this is what he said... he said a “Don’t mind me, I’m just jingling and jingling”.... So I wake up my baby and I tell her what I seen... she eyed me up and down and she said, “I know where you’ve been... You’ve been out drinking eggnog with all your rowdy friends... You’re a drunken fool and you’re seeing things again - it’s only your brain that’s jingling and jingling”. Christmas time is here... and I am insane... I’m a happy fool... I’m feeling no pain... Ho... Ho.... Laughing all the way. Well I went downstairs to pour a cup of cheer, That fat dude is there and he’s pilfering my beer. I ask him what he’s up to... his suit and face is red But he answers in a wink and this is what he said... he said... “I’m doing my thing... I’m just jingling and jingling”. Who was I to argue as he twisted off the cap... He nodded and he smiled and then he knocked it back. I poured myself a shot and joined him in a toast... One should not drink alone... and I’m a thoughtful host... We spent all night there jingling and jingling. Then he sobered with a start and grabbed up his sack – said... “the wife will start to wonder – I should be getting back”... But he grinned – shook my hand and handed me his hat... said, “This’ll fit you well...” , with a laugh that shook his fat... And the bell on top will keep on jingling and jingling...