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Back to the summer !
Retour à l'été !

You thought that I would agree to everything,
Like a beggar begged,
So you would give me love
You thought that I would break,
Begged you on my knees,
For you to stay as if she doesn't exist anymore,
Again hid the tears when it hurts
I won't fall to my knees, I won't be her shadow, I won't shatter,
Sink like a stone,.. I gave too much of myself,
Spat in my own face, Trampled my own pride I won't ..,
I won't be her shadow, I won't shatter
I thought we were meant to be together forever, That no one on the planet loved this much, Like I love you But it wasn't enough for you--You had me, you had her..
Who are you, To be able to judge me?
Who are you, To dare walk all over me? I won't..

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... (___)__..|****super**thank you dear friend!!!*****many greetings!********
Par tony danis il y a 4 ans
Piękna piosenka ,super video .Pozdrawiam***************))
Par Renata Renata il y a 4 ans