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    I ll never fall in love again



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    James Bradley
    This is a performance from Jones popular TV Variety Show "This Is Tom Jones" which aired from 1969-1971. This song, originally written and released by Lonnie Donnegan, was re-done by Jones and issued as a stand alone single (Not part of any album releases) in 1967. In the UK it climbed to No.2 on the charts and became one of his best selling singles. In the US, it fell far short, stalling at #49 despite the success Jones had in the states earlier in the year with his "Green, Green Grass Of Home" single (#11 US).

    Jones continued using the song in his live act stateside however and after a performance of the tune aired on his variety show radio stations started getting requests for the song, convincing Jones manager to request Parrot Records (Jones US Record Distributor) to re-issue the single to coincide with his upcoming US Tour. By late summer 1969 the single was entrenched in the Top 10, peaking at #6, on its way to selling nearly 2 million copies in the US alone.
    James Bradley5 yıl önce