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    Universal 30-37mm Pet Hair Vacuum Tool


    by eSparesVideo

    Designed for maximum pick-up and fast removal of cat, dog and other pet hairs, also useful for bird feathers and seeds, etc. Features: Large (240 x 40mm) hair and lint pad increases the cleaning power on stairs and soft furnishings (chairs, sofas, curtains, etc.) Adjustable hose fitting (30 to 37mm*) suitable for almost every make of vacuum cleaner. Adjust the fitting by tightening the red plastic screw cap on the threaded housing of the tool to create a smaller or larger connection and to tighten the hose in place. Built in suction adjustment dial on the top of the tool. Two buttons (Cat and Dog) will release the lint pad to wash it or reverse the action to either a push or pull lifting effect. Removing it involves pushing in both of the buttons simultaneously and prising it off - this can be tricky. * 30 to 37mm refers to the size of the vacuum hose. To measure this, measure the outside diameter of the hose connected to your vacuum. Category: