After Rome - Holy War and Conquest 1 Of 2 (part 5/6)

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Boris Johnson travels to France, Spain, Egypt, Israel, Syria and Turkey to continue his investigation into the early beginnings of what some people now call 'the clash of civilisations'.
He begins by looking at the crusades, and the way they are viewed in the west and in the Muslim world today. But Boris finds that the realities of the crusades are far more subtle than modern attitudes to them would have us believe. As with many current entrenched positions about the so-called 'clash of civilisations,' such attitudes are often a rewriting of history in the light of later events.

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This is an extremely poor series. It begins with the promise of laying out the history of events that have created a divide between Muslims and pretty much everyone else, and very quickly becomes the apologist for Islam. Two striking moments are when the presenter excuses the Muslim law's denial of equal rights with Muslims, and the second is when the presenter expresses horror at a basilica being built amidst a mosque after the Spanish drove the Muslims who had invaded Spain out of Spain (who's a second class citizen now?), while the presenter expresses no similar horror at the Muslim Mosque built on the site of the Jewish template at Jerusalem. The presenter even notes that the rock inside the Mosque on the temple mount is "where the Ark of the Covenant once stood". Hr' quite ho-hum about THAT encroachment, but horrified about Spanish Christians in their own country building a basilica where the invading Muslims had placed a massive mosque. Disappointing. Very.
Por MsTruNorth Há 4 anos