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    Universal 30-37mm Vacuum Floor Tool


    by eSparesVideo

    This Universal Floor Tool is an eSpares top seller, works equally well on carpeting as it does on hard floors. Designed for maximum pick-up and fast removal. Features: Large (270 x 87mm) floor area increases the pick-up area for dust and dirt. Adjustable hose fitting (30 to 37mm*) suitable for almost every make of vacuum cleaner. Adjust the fitting by tightening the black plastic screw cap on the threaded housing of the tool to create a smaller or larger connection and to tighten the extension tube in place. Two swivel type buttons (brush out and brush in) on the top allow you to easily switch between brush out (normally used on hard floors) and brush out (normally used on carpets) depending on what you are using your vacuum tool for. *30 to 37mm refers to the size of the vacuum extension tube. To measure this, measure the outside diameter of the hose connected to your vacuum.