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    Howard Donald's mistress reveals affair


    by ODN


    Adakini Ntuli has won the right to talk about her nine-year affair with Take That singer Howard Donald but is still unable to reveal intimate details.

    Zimbabwean-born Ntuli was forbidden to tell anyone about her secret relationship with the boyband singer after he went to court to get a super-injunction, which banned her from revealing details of the affair to anyone including her mother.

    Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, the pub singer revealed how the 'gagging' ban effected her personally.

    "It was terrifying. I felt afraid and confused and angry. I couldn't tell a soul what was happening, not even my mum. It made me ill and I was admitted to ­hospital with depression, anxiety and ­neuralgia."

    Adakini met the Take That star in 2000 and they started seeing each other on-and-off for the next nine years, in which time he was in a serious relationship with Victoria Piddington, mother of his daughter Grace, followed by Marie-Christine Musswessels, mother of his youngest daughter Lola.

    Howard Donald is said to have gone to court for the super-injunction after Ntuli dicovered he was cheating on Marie-Christine and herself with yet another woman, a Dutch clubber, and wanted to sell her story.

    After months of court battles, the super-injunction has been relaxed, but Adakini Ntuli is now fighting for it to be fully lifted so she can tell the whole story.