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    Dilbert: Office Hallucination and Bungee Boss Video


    by CaitlinMclaughlin100

    Download Link File: by Scott Adams Dilbert alters reality for his boss and a brief visit from upper management. In Office Hallucination, The Boss says, I heard that you wont give marketing the information they need. Dilbert replies, I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination. Dibert tells Dogbert, Your system works. Dogbert says, Next time try shortening it to Bah. In Bungee Boss, The Boss says, Well be getting a new Bungee Boss sometime today. The Bungee Boss says, Hi-Im-Your-New-Boss-Lets-Change-Everythi­ng-Before-I-Get-Reassigned-Oops-Too-Late­-Goodbye. Wally says, He was like a mentor to me. Dilbert says, I think he made a difference. The Boss says, Incoming!