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    8 Months on HRT! WHAT TO EXPECT! M to F,


    by ladyvixion

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    Comment and Subscribe, TELL YOUR FRIENDS! As we all know, one possible step in transition is beginning Hormone Replacement Therapy, or H.R.T. There are so many myths about what happens when you are on hormones. Maybe not myths so much but because There are so many different ways to prescribe hormones, you have so many different outcomes. MOST importantly, what occurs will be different for everyone! No one will react the same! So I cover the general things I have felt while being on HRT for 8 months, these are just my experiences- Not intended to diagnose or take the place of consulting a doctor. I am not going to include what I take or how I take it because I am not a doctor nor would want someone to take unsafe measures with hormones. I believe you at least need to consult a certified physician at some point when on hormones. So that you can get a recommended plan and dosage! I hope this video is helpful! PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES OR MAKE A VIDEO COMMENT! Send messages to Follow me on Twitter