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    Narnia: Before They Were Famous


    by ODN

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    The cast of Narnia have become world famous actors throughout their time playing C.S. Lewis's fantasy characters, however they all admit to humble beginnings.

    Speaking at the premiere of The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the young group were happy to divulge details of their early forays into acting.

    Ben Barnes who plays King Caspian in the latest film, described his first role as a 'rock star alien' adding that he made his guitar himself our of cardboard and gold foil.

    Meanwhile Yorkshire beauty Georgie Henley declared: "I was Babushka the Russian Granny! I used to knock on the door and everything and be like 'oh what's that star out there!' It was pretty amazing. I loved being Babushka!"

    Her co-star Will Poulter wasn't entrusted with same level of responsibility however and was given the job of placing props on set adding: " I remember once being the guy, one of the Kings who brough myrrh. I think that was me. No lines, just place it and leave, don't mess up!"

    William Moseley who heads up the Pevensie gang as older brother Peter was seemingly always destined to take the lead, admitting that his first role as a four year old was Joseph in the school natitivity play.

    The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader is out in cinemas this week.