Camp David 2000 Until Today: Pini Meidan and Nabeel Shaath


by IPCRI Media

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Pini Meidan is a former Foreign Policy adviser. He was a member of the permanent status negotiating team under PM Barak in 1999-2001. He participated in the Taba talks in January 2001.

Meidan gives his opinion on the current peace process, stating that he would like to believe that something is being negotiated by Netanyahu. He states that the current economic, political and social stability in Israel undermines any sense of urgency in reaching a peace agreement. He reflects on the best outcome of a peace agreement, noting that a lose-lose situation is the most realistic option. Meidan highlights the importance of an imposed agreement and one which is regional in scope. He suggests potential solutions for Jerusalem and explores the validity of the Geneva accords and the Clinton parameters. If the current peace process yields no results, he believes the only option will be an imposed solution.

Nabil Shaath is a senior Palestinian official who has served as the Palestinian chief negotiator, cabinet minister and planning minister. He is currently head of the international affairs of the Fatah central committee and is one of negotiators in the current round of talks.

Shaath highlights the importance of a negotiated solution and the impossibility of resorting to arms. He explains the problems facing the Palestinians by reviewing social and economic indicators and stating that the Oslo agreement is effectively dead. He criticises the lack of pressure on Israel from President Obama and stresses that the current negotiations are so far producing no potential agreements. He traces the position of the Palestinians from 1948 and highlights that they have made historic compromises but have received no positive reactions from the Israelis.