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    Firefighters tackle Israel's inferno


    by ODN


    Israeli firefighters are continuing to battle a huge fire that has killed dozens of people in northern Israel, including prison guard cadets trapped in a bus while heading to evacuate inmates.

    The firefighters sprayed water from house to house in the evacuated village of Ein Hod, where many houses were heavily damaged by the flames.

    International firefighting teams rushed to Israel's side on Friday to help combat the huge forest fire close to the port city of Haifa that has killed at least 42 people and forced mass evacuations.

    European planes and helicopters repeatedly swooped over the Israeli woodland, dumping tonnes of sea water onto the flames below, but officials concede that the blaze is still out of control days after it started.

    The largest fire in Israel's history scorched more than 7,000 acres of drought-afflicted land, destroyed houses and revealed dramatic shortcomings in the country's ability to tackle such an emergency.

    The blaze took hold on Thursday morning and Israel launched an international appeal for help just hours later when it became apparent its own ill-equipped fire service could not cope.