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    Pollution on the Rise in India's Ganges River


    by NTDTelevision

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    India's Ganges River is becoming more and more polluted. Large amounts of sewage, industrial and agricultural waste are being dumped into the river, and has become a serious health threat.

    India's Ganges River has become more polluted in the region of Patna City.

    Millions of gallons of sewage, industrial and agricultural waste has been dumped into its waters.

    A local priest says the river has also become a victim of religious belief.

    [Guddu Baba, Priest]:
    "Religious offerings packed in polythene bags are thrown in the river."

    Large quantities of unfiltered garbage and sewage flow from drains into the river, choking it.

    [Mithilesh Kumar Singh, Executive Engineer]:
    "The pipeline which has been constructed does not have the capacity to take the garbage thrown by the increasing population. The garbage is directly thrown in the drain without any screening."

    Waterborne diseases are rampant, fisheries are on the decline, and even cattle have been affected.