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    Released Chinese Activist Vows Fighting for Democracy


    by NTDTelevision

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    The fight for democracy will go on for veteran Chinese activist Qin Yongmin.
    He was released on Monday after finishing a 12-year prison term.

    In late 1998, he was convicted of "subversion" after he tried to register the China Democracy Party with other activists.

    On Thursday, Qin told the AFP he will continue to push for human rights in China, saying, quote "without human rights, there can be no democracy."

    Qin has a long history of political activism, and had been sentenced before for trying to advance democracy in China.

    Qin says authorities had stopped his daughter from visiting him in prison for ten years. They also confiscated all the manuscripts he had written in prison, and prohibited him from speaking with foreign media.
    Freed China democracy activist vows to keep up fight
    (the girl in the photos is Qin's daughter)

    picture of the prison where he served his sentence

    can search for more photos of him on google: 秦永敏