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    Stain Solver, Radical Roots and Motorcycle Stickers


    by stickergiant

    Hello I'm Izzy Fischer and welcome to StickerGiant. We love to print custom stickers for cool people and companies all over the world... Stain Solver, an environmentally safe oxygen bleach. The raw materials used in the active ingredient are so pure they are registered by the FDA as food-grade quality! You can't get any purer than that. Stain Solver is a great product that removes ALL SORTS OF STAINS. If you can wash it with water, Stain Solver Oxygen Bleach will almost always clean it. It gets great customer reviews, and it's made in the USA. You can get it at their website, Radical Roots Farm in Keezletown, Virginia is community-supported, sustainably-grown local agriculture at its best. They produce high quality, ecologically grown vegetables using sustainable methods of farming such as cover cropping, crop rotation, attracting beneficial insects and applying compost. Customers purchase a share of the harvest before the season begins, and then get incredibly fresh produce throughout the season. Co-owner  Dave  O'Neill also teaches classes in permaculture and sustainable agriculture to spread the word. Finally, who doesn't like a sticker with a flaming skull on it?  Twin Rivers Polaris' logo features not only a flaming skull, but a flaming skull smoking a cigar and wearing a cowboy hat with the North Star on it. The shop, in Yuba City, California, actually sells Polaris ATV's and Victory motorcycles. They're a small operation, just five people, but they love what they do and they do it well. Say hi when you ride through town! I'm Izzy Fischer, thanks for watching and don't forget to tell a friend about StickerGiant.