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    LIVE - Thank You, Dimitri! How Emotions Have Two Poles

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2010-12-02 1st LIVE Journal, Mayan day 8 Dog ♥ TRANSCRIPT: Intro: I’m so excited, I just had to make this video. I just discovered (or put together) something really big. Well, big to me, anyway. It has to do with the wonderful feelings that seemed to follow shortly on going through intense pain. A few days ago I uploaded a video in which I remember asking you, my friends, if you’d ever had this experience. It seems that lately, after being with some really intense pain - just being with it, not trying to run away or to fix it or anything - that an intense happiness would seem to appear not too long after that. Very strange. I remember the other day waking up in tears over this, being kinda heavy hearted about it most of the day, and then, late at night before bed finding myself crying again over it. Real pain, in other words - something kinda deep. Then, a day or two later, I found myself so very happy I seemed almost high. Well, that got me to thinking, and I realized this had happened, before - the intense happiness following on a time of being with pain. It made me wonder if the two could be related. Stranger things have happened, after all ;) So, anyway, I put that out in my video, asking for your feedback - had something like this ever happened to you was my question. One or two of you said yes, I remember. Okay, so it still looked possible... Distributed by Tubemogul.