George Olsen & His Music - Montana Call, 1930

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George Olsen & His Music - Montana Call (from Motion Picture "Montana Moon"), Victor 1930

NOTE: It is a flip side of a record with a great hit "The Moon Is Low" from the Motion Picture "Montana Moon", I uploaded some time ago, in You Tube. Ever since, Partick asked me to upload also this song - so after quite a few months, I finally fulfill his request. Sorry, Patrick!

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I remember Johnny Mack Brown in "Shootin' Up the Town," a home movie we had when I was a kid. Played it on a 16MM projector as I recall.
Przez Boston Blackie 3 lata temu
Olsen was one of those bands epitomizing the happy 20s. This is such a sparkling and delightful song! As usually, you added a great array of beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing another most enjoyable presentatioon!
Przez kspm0220s 4 lata temu
Genia, she is really gorgeous at this photo. Just look at her chassis... Perhaps she had somewhat protruding eyes but wow, she WAS bien proporcionado, indeed!

Corrie, thanks for information about JMB> For me he had the face that can't be remembered. Only the cowboy stetson he inherently had on his head added some more significant feature to his looks. Poor guy, famous was the story of all the scenes he filmed for some movie, finally replaced by the same scenes but filmed by Clark Gable.
Przez grzegorz240252 4 lata temu
My Dear Grzegorz,
Love the song and the visual is Wonderful!
Love that photo with Joan and Rudy at l:22...perfect Tango frock...would love to see her Tango shoes. :-)
Przez Genia 4 lata temu
Nice one ! I see Johnny Mack Brown is listed as "John Mack Brown" on the poster. He was a great favourite in childrens matinee films when I was a young boy. He was always "The Goodie".
Thank you for sharing this fine post.
Przez Walter Gray 4 lata temu