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    Severe Cold in Poland Affects Wildlife


    by NTDTelevision

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    The unusually cold winter in Poland is affecting humans and wildlife alike. And one lucky stork was almost rescued at one school in northeast Poland.

    Bitterly cold conditions that have swept across central Europe this week have not only caused wide spread disruption to residents but to wildlife as well.

    One bird decided enough was enough when temperatures plummeted to minus 15 degrees Celsius on Tuesday/Wednesday night in northeast Poland.

    [Jaroslaw Lesnik, Teacher]:
    "First of December, a very hard winter, a lot of snow and a biting frost, so the stork at this time of year is a rarity."

    The stork took refuge at one school and got some help.

    [Jaroslaw Lesnik, Teacher]:
    "Our school's secretary saw that the stork was sitting on the corner of the building. It's minus 20 degrees (Celsius - 4 degrees Fahrenheit) and the situation was a little odd. We started calling various institutions so that a qualified person would come and take care of this poor thing."

    [Jaroslaw Lesnik, Teacher]:
    "We fed it with a chicken so it ate two portions. Apparently it needed that. I have no idea from where it flew here or whether it had eaten. I think that it hadn't eaten for a long time."

    Municipal police officers, who are normally used to writing parking tickets and dealing with minor public disorder, answered the call for help and arrived at the scene to help the stork.

    The stork eventually regained strength to return to the air in order to find a slightly more normal place to roost. And the students watched as the bird flew away.