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    NEW PS3 Jailbreak - firmware 3.50 [DOWNLOAD]


    by AmitKarrie1081

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    Download from here : 2. Power off your console (For Fat model you can flick power switch in the back. For slim you must unplug power cable and re-plug out of back of console). 3. Insert PS Jailbreak into your consoles USB port (you should have nothing else plugged in) 4. Press power button on console, release power button and then immediately press the eject button (You will then see two lights while the console loads. If the light turns green then that means PS Jailbreak is working,if it turns red then that means you did not press power/eject in a quick enough sequence. If you see red light please un-plug your console from the wall and begin step 4 over again). 5. Insert USB key with backup manager downloaded on it. 6. On main system menu go to "Game", then "Install Package Files", and click to install Backup Manager. 7. Scroll down game menu and you will see Backup Manager application, please click on it 8. Insert your licensed game that you would like to backup into the drive, if you wish to backup to an external hard drive please insert it now. Click O button to backup game. You will be asked if you would like to backup to external hard drive (by clicking no it will ask you to backup to internal hard drive).