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    Jolie and Depp gush about each other!


    by ODN

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    Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp seem to find each other amazing, which probably will not go down well with Depp's partner.

    Vanessa Paradis, who has been with the actor for over twelve years, reportedly tried to get him to quit the movie he was making with Jolie, as she did not want him filming steamy sex scenes with the actress.

    The french singer reportedly believed that Jolie had the reputation of being a man-stealer.

    Depp did see to be charmed by the actress, he said: "I found her to be incredibly normal, incredibly grounded, incredibly sweet, personable, strong, passionate, fun, funny, smart, very very smart. I was really looking forward to getting into the ring with her."

    It seems the feeling is mutual, as Jolie described her time working with Depp: "It was wonderful. He's a great guy and a brilliant artist, a very very generous actor and just extremely cool, extremely cool guy."

    The Tourist hits UK cinemas from December 10.