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    Thai Authorities Arrest Two Pakistanis in Fake Passport Case


    by NTDTelevision

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    Two Pakistani citizens were arrested by Thai police during a crackdown on a fake passport operation. The suspects were part of a group that authorities believe provided fake identification documents to groups with links to terrorists and organized crime.

    Thai authorities arrested two Pakistanis and one Thai national for making fake identification documents for terrorist, arms-trafficking and human-trafficking groups.

    40 fake passports were confiscated along with over 1,000 pages of related documents.

    The three were arrested on Tuesday at an apartment in Bangkok after tip-offs from European authorities, as part of a coordinated effort in several countries.

    Seven men were arrested in Barcelona, Spain, accused of providing fake identification documents to al Qaeda-linked groups. And according to Spain's Interior Ministry, also included was one of the men who carried out the Mumbai attacks in 2008.

    Sources say the suspects coordinated with partners in Europe who mailed stolen passports to Thailand, which were then used for forgery of new documents.

    Authorities believe these were then sold to groups with links to terrorist organizations and other organized crime groups.