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    Santa Claus Brings Smiles to Japanese Kindergarten Kids


    by NTDTelevision

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    Some kids in Japan are already in the Christmas spirit. They had a special meeting with Santa Claus on Thursday, who helped spread a little holiday cheer.

    December has arrived and Santa Claus is a busy man.

    Santa stopped by a kindergarten in downtown Tokyo on a warm Thursday morning to spread some Christmas cheer.

    Stepping into a room from the balcony in true Santa fashion, he greeted the cheering children with a booming "hello" in Japanese.

    [Santa Claus, Finland Santa Claus Foundation]:
    "My home district in Finland is the northern part of the country, which is called Lapland."

    Around 50 children and their parents were offered the chance to see Santa ahead of Christmas.

    During the brief meeting, the children sang Santa a Christmas song. They offered him pictures they drew, and then lined up to receive their early Christmas gift.

    Excited parents also milled around to get a photo of their child with Santa.

    Santa said everyone should expect a real gift on Christmas for being good.

    [Santa Claus, Finland Santa Claus Foundation]:
    "I really love Japanese children. They are so cute and one thing which is so different from other children from the world is they are so, so polite already when they can just stand. They are very, very polite."

    Santa will be going around hospitals, kindergartens and nursing homes around Japan as part of his pre-Christmas tour.