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Theresa-Ann Harvey
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2010-12-01 1st LIVE Journal, Mayan day 7 Water or Offering ♥ TRANSCRIPT: Intro: It was a challenge, titling this video journal. It ranges so widely, over so many topics that the title could have covered three lines, lol. I hope this one does it some justice. Emotion is much wiser than mind. It’s also a better connection to Spirit, to Light - to Higher Self. I’m having much fun spending time in heart, rather than in mind. Pain comes and goes - it’s amazing how present it is and how often. Thank Source it’s a positive thing - evidence of growth. Well, it is for those of us on the path Homeward. For those lost or stuck in the mundane world - not such a beneficial aspect. It still is - but it’s meant to help people get fed-up - to help motivate us to reach out for something so much better. So, that’s positive, in a way - though it doesn’t seem so at all to one in that state. We’re tremendously multifaceted it’s amazing - but we aren’t aware of it if we stay stuck in mind. As wonderful as mind is, we soar far beyond it’s ability to even perceive - to conceive. As we rise in consciousness we’re finding paradox everywhere. Rather than see things individualistic or polarity as people tend to, we find self containing them both - both sides of the coin. The one side is joy, for instance - well, the other is pain or difficulty. We’re less likely to repress or run from this, though, from heart or in higher consciousness. Our emotion is linked up to our higher consciousness - it’s a good way in. Joy is what we’ll often be finding - as my journals report. The pain is woven in, too, though - and for very good reason... Distributed by Tubemogul.