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    Students Spread AIDS Awareness in Western India


    by NTDTelevision

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    On Tuesday, school students in India's western Rajkot City participated in a campaign to spread awareness about AIDS.

    The students made a 130-foot-long red ribbon to spread the message: hate the disease, but not the patients.

    [Sonal Shah, AIDS Awareness Campaign Organizer]:
    "It is our duty to show the students a red light towards the disease. It's also to make them understand why this disease is dangerous, why they should be careful from that and how."

    Over 900 girls participated in the campaign.

    [Mansi Udeshi, Student]:
    "We usually have an indifferent attitude towards AIDS patients, but we should not do that. We should be careful about the disease."

    More than two million people live with HIV and face discrimination in India.