Butterflies - How to become a youtuber (11/30/20 - 41)

Tasha Edwards

by Tasha Edwards

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I rented to movie Butterflies awhile ago from Youtube and it was really good. It cost $2.99. I do not believe I had enough time with the movie from the money I paid. I really wish I could have bought it so that I can watch it over and over and over again. The same for the movie, I want my 3 minutes back that I rented from iTunes. Another youtube movie that I loved. This movie included some of my favorite youtube stars such as SXEPhil, Shaycarl, LisaNova, and MrSafety. I was also introduced to some new web celebrities that I had not ran into such and Boh3m3 and Olgakay. I loved the title of the video and the quote at the beginning about Butterflies and Caterpillars. It is true that everyone gives the butterfly all the glory, prize, honor, and reward. But no one sees the caterpillars that does all the work. Many people get mad at youtube partners that do not give shout outs or who wont share their secrets. It is because partners put in a lot of work, time, effort, and money. It take a lot to become a youtube partner, to learn how to make money off youtube, to become a webstar. A person may make 100 videos before they start to gain subscribers. They have only have 100 views for a year or be on youtube 3 years before making partner. The youtube star is the butterfly. The person making the account, loading video after video after video after video, putting in hours of work is the caterpillar. You have to put in time and work to become a youtube star.