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    NightClub City Facebook lvl 40 And 1000000000 Coins ...


    by Butlerbernadette4589

    Download link: The game lets players make their very own nightclub. Players start out with a small box of a room (don't worry it gets bigger as you level up) with only themselves as the DJ. Not much to start with, but after selecting a set of music — hip hop, electronic, or pop — your customized avatar will start spinning with the best of them for the next 15 minutes (longer once you upgrade your DJ booth... hours longer). Once the party starts, random non-player characters, Nightclub City player avatars, and Facebook friends will enter and the business is off and running. There are a multitude of ways to earn cash in this game. For every character that enters, a cover charge is paid, but this is only the beginning. Once in the club, patrons can buy drinks, hang out, and tip. Now, a number of these costs are flat, such as drinks, but the tips are where the real money lies. You see, each character within the club can be selected, and you can view how much money they've spent, how happy they are, what their tip rate is percentage-wise, and what they are thinking (what they like or dislike). All of this is affected and increased, passively, by the popularity and luxury level of your club. Each piece of décor that you purchase has a point. Sometimes it is just mere aesthetics such as wallpaper or flooring, but you need a bar to serve drinks (better ones hold more as well as increase drink price), disco booths to play music, dance floors for... dancing, seating, enough empty space to chill, and booths for VIP guests. In addition to furniture and decorative items, players must also hire a few employees. These refer to your Facebook friends, and they don't even have to play! Initially, you need a DJ (you), a bartender, and a bouncer. Each job has a pair of special abilities. The DJ, can "Drop the Bass" and send everyone dancing to the bar to buy a drink or cheer up unhappy guests. The bartender can serve at double speed or do tricks to increase tips. These are ...