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    FaceBook Steath Bomber 2014 - the amazing way to send message to your friends !


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    FaceBook Steath Bomber is an exciting real-time mobile social game where you can blow up your friends in the real world.

    This is a Facebook tool for managing your Facebook marketing campaign. You can add friends, send messages, post on walls and carry out all sorts of other marketing activities with ease.

    + Facebook friend bomber has tonnes of features for your facebook marketing campaign, they will save you a lot of time and gain you a lot more facebook fans and friends…
    + Send Facebook Friend Requests: Probably the most important feature – automated friend requests which save you time. Press the button and have a cup of tea because this adder has built in automatic CAPTCHA solving. If you are looking for any facebook friend adder this is a feature you MUST have!
    + Mass Messages, Pokes & Posts: After you have built up your friends you need to start interacting with them (not harassing them) so the management features of Facebook friend bomber help you with this. You do not want to contact people too often and you don’t want to spam all over their wall.The automatic poke feature will allow you to introduce yourself in a friendly, non-aggressive manner.
    + Operating Systems: WinXP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8

    Download FaceBook Steath Bomber 2014 here