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Of course you don’t need a CPanel tutorial. CPanel tutorials are for people who don’t know what they’re doing and that’s not you. You know what your website is going to be about, you know what it’s going to be called, you even have the domain name all sorted out. And as for the design aspect, well, how hard can it be? And all those things like email accounts, email addresses, spam blocking, webmail, error pages, service status, parked domains, add-on domains, FTP accounts, redirecting URLs, uploading files, changing file permissions, password-protecting file directories, enabling and disabling hotlink protections, MySQL databases, back-ups, cron jobs, newsletters... Hang on a minute. Maybe there’s more to this web hosting business than meets the eye.

Oh yes, building and maintaining a website is not a matter of buying a domain name and clicking on a couple of options. If you want