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    Obama Anti-Christ


    by tony

    I have been asking people to help find the video and send it to me but to no avail so now I found a archived copy in my hard drive so now I have the only living copy of the Obama the Anti Christ video.

    The anti-christ is planning terrorist attacks, national stupidity, making all citizens so dumbed down that they don't even know whos elected, and then put everyone on so much medications that people will love to commit suicide.

    Obama is the anti-christ, Bush is the anti-christ, Clinton is the anti-christ, in fact the whole Bilderberg Organization is against Christ but Obama is the false messiah, the Bushes work with Obama, and Obama according to Henry Kissinger is suppose to lead us into the New World Order, David Wilcock is a false prophet proclaiming himself to be Edgar Casey, and religions that look up to Obama is proof in itself that Obama is a false messiah that will make himself look like Jesus