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    Travel trouble after winter freeze


    by ODN


    The early winter freeze-up caused travel chaos with air and rail passengers as well as road users all struggling to complete their journeys.

    Edinburgh Airport, which had closed overnight, was able to reopen but London City Airport reported cancellations and severe delays.

    Train services all over the country were badly affected by the severe weather, with some services not operating and others being badly delayed.

    A surgeon trying to get to work to carry out an emergency operation was helped by police after he became stuck in traffic caused by the snowy conditions.

    The doctor said he was needed urgently at St Helier Hospital in Sutton to deal with a patient who was in a critical condition with internal bleeding, according to a police spokesman. He eventually arrived at the hospital.

    The RAC said call-outs to breakdowns were currently peaking at 2,000 an hour, with the number of rescues in some badly-affected areas running at twice their levels for a normal Tuesday morning at this time of year.

    Alan Wilcock, RAC patrol ambassador of the year, said: "If possible the car should be kept in the garage, which will give extra protection from the cold weather."