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    Sakura Tale (Opening)


    by AMVs

    HQ 800x600: (186MB MPG)
    H-Game Title:
    » English / Romaji: « Sakura Tale -The Tale Of Cherry Blossom Septet-
    » Japanese: « さくらテイル -The Tale Of Cherry Blossom Septet-

    Release Date: 10-30-2009
    Developer / Publisher: Fizz

    Game Synopsis:
    Masamune has just started his school life, but he soon gets involved in a recruiting battle by sports clubs. What saves him is a girl in strange clothing. He is attracted to her, but he meets another girl who looks totally different a few days later. Light and darkness.... He meets his old friend at school dormitory, but she has completely changed. "Masamune. I'm glad I could save you...." New season. New school. New friends. The story takes place at a school gently watched by a big cherry tree... (Source: ErogeShop)

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