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    Tracfone Is Available At Walmart and Kmart!


    by Tubular123



    Start the New Year the right way by saving money! I decided that this year I was going to save as much money as possible. I bought a prepaid cell phone as opposed to a contract phone and will be saving so much money a month. For $45 a month I will be getting unlimited talk, text, and data with my TracFone. The phone was cheap and it has all the things I need from a phone. Definitely great for the New Year.
    By powerranger485 years ago
    @msspicy yeah it is truly a great deal but the real value comes in when you learn that they use ATT and Verizon towers to broadcast their signal. Those are the biggest wireless tower networks in the country so you know that wherever you are, tracfone will be there with you
    By rcaldos75 years ago
    No wonder Tracfone can charge so little for its prepaid plans, it's because they don't have their own network they rent the best networks and that must be why I get such brilliant reception on my Tracfone T301G Slider phone where ever I go whether it's in the country or on the open highway away from the main towns.
    By msspicy5 years ago
    wendy stace
    love the speech about having the right to own a cellphone without a contract or credit check. i am with tracfone prepaid, am very happy with the nationwide cover and the fact that i do no longer have dropped calls. tracfone's network does seems to be so much more reliable than any other.and in addition the call rates are just so incredibly cheap, especially thanks to the double minutes for life option, that i have no intentions to switch cellphone providers ever again. tracfone is just perfect for me and my cellphone requirements.
    By wendy stace5 years ago
    The safety and convenience factors mentioned are very appealing. Not to mention how inexpensive the Tracfones and plans are. The comments offer a lot of great information that I didn't know. You can find phones at some of your favorite stores and aircards are sold just about everywhere. Here's where the convenience factor comes in, you can add airtime right on your phone as well. The nationwide coverage uses the AT&T and Verizon networks, depending on your phone model. This sounds like a winning combination.
    By kunosky365 years ago
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