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    Levan Polka FreeJack Style


    by gamerkraft

    An all new track, "Kaleido Universe", is coming to FreeJack! Hear this groovy tune in the game by downloading it free from:

    FreeJack is a free parkour racing game where players race head-to-head in high-octane foot races across the urban metropolis of New Jack City, chaining together stylish flips and tricks into combos to increase their speed and cross the finish line first!

    Players can personalize their character with fresh outfits and running gear and even customize their own unique in-game living space with cool furniture and accessories to show off to friends!

    FreeJack also supports online leaderboards, a club/clan system, in-game friend's lists, and more!

    FreeJack is part of the GamerKraft free gaming portal.

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