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    I think what's there now is forever, no matter what


    by james32_

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    Ben could not understand any part of the JJJ relationship, he didnt even know what the dickens he was, and what kind of relationship he would have with anyone., ben says john does not fancy josie and would not have a physical relationship, the same as dave, well you both knew NOTHING. Ben always said that john loved josie like his mum, and that she reminded him of his mum, how insulting was that to josie. Rachael was spot on.
    By mamajean5 years ago
    May Martin
    rachel &steve were sooooooooooo right !!!!
    By May Martin5 years ago
    I know were having a debate here, (and btw I agree with Rachael, where most couples begin with the sexual and find a soul connection lateer, I think John and Josie just did it the other way around because they couldnt have sex so found that connection with out having sex,) but what is Ben wearing on his wrist????
    By musikgal135 years ago
    Agree with all with regards to steve and rachael knowing and observing the relationship, steve observed everything in the bb house with everyone. He understood john and josie, and like Jackybunny , almost all the males that entered the bb house straight or not all warmed to josie and that included non housemates and camera men even, who tended to get really close up to josie when filming.on quite a number of occasions. John could see how josie was a natural beauty and person, and thats why he fell in love with her. Hope we hear soon about an engagement, and a spring wedding ( April time ? ) xx
    By mamajean5 years ago
    Jola Ch
    I think Steve was the one who understood John James..When all of them were pushing John James in Uber cugar task what is between him and Josie, he was the one cutting all questions by saying 'They are like brother and sister'. Also John James said by himself that Steve uderstood him without words. I do respect John and Josie and I think they have done it the way it should be. The only thing that I was mad about it was when he was pulling away when Josie wanted a kiss. She was really hurt and that what cause all doubts in everyone. I do understand he respect her to much and he was afraid he might get hurt or be hurt..but there was so many moments when You could clearly see he wanted to kiss her. Oh Ben just shut up! I think John and Josie they started to not like Rachel cos she was always bringing attention on them. In the begining Josie and John really really like her. I do like her still she was loud but lovely girl :)
    By Jola Ch5 years ago
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