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    Art Garfunkel - Cecilia

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    Arthur Ira "Art" Garfunkel (born November 5, 1941) is an American singer-songwriter, poet, and actor, best known as being a member of the folk duo Simon & Garfunkel. In 1970, at the height of their popularity, the duo split.
    Garfunkel also has had a brief career as an actor, receiving a Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of Sandy Kaufman in Carnal Knowledge.
    Highlights of his solo career include one top ten hit, three top 20 hits, six top 40 hits, 14 Adult Contemporary top 30 singles, five Adult Contemporary number ones, two UK number ones and a People's Choice Award.
    Through his solo and collaborative work, Garfunkel has earned six Grammys, including the Lifetime Achievement Award.In 1990, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    Art Garfunkel was born in Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, the son of housewife Rose and traveling salesman Jacob "Jack" Garfunkel on November 5, 1941. Art has two siblings; the older one named Jules and the younger one named Jerome. who was an actor in his earlier years in Dayton, Ohio,before becoming a travelling menswear salesman.He is Jewish—his paternal grandparents emigrated from Iaşi in Romania. His cousin is impresario Lou Pearlman, on his mother's side.Garfunkel attended the Forest Hills High School. According to the Across America DVD, Garfunkel's love for singing "Came in the first grade. when we were lined up in size order, and after everyone else had left, I'd stay behind and enjoy the echo sound of the stairwell tiles and sing "Unchained Melody" and "You'll Never Walk Alone", learning to love this goose-bumps song from the tender age of five." Later, Garfunkel's father bought him a wire recorder and from then on, Garfunkel spent his afternoons singing, recording and playing it back, so he could listen for flaws and learn how to improve.
    "Bridge over Troubled Water" performed by Simon & Garfunkel (Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon)
    · produced by Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon & Roy Halee (1971).
    "Cecilia" is a song written by US musician Paul Simon. It was first recorded by Simon & Garfunkel for their 1970 album Bridge Over Troubled Water. When released as a single, it reached #4 in the US charts. The single did not chart in the UK, despite being released as the follow-up to Simon and Garfunkel's number one hit "Bridge Over Troubled Water", and most copies of the UK single misspelled the title as "Cecelia" on the label.
    The songwriter suggests that the "Cecilia" of the title refers to St. Cecilia, patron saint of music in the Catholic tradition, and thus the song might refer to the frustration of fleeting inspiration in songwriting, the vagaries of musical fame or in a wider sense the absurdity of pop culture. The song is generally interpreted as a lament over a capricious lover who causes both anguish and jubilation to the singer. St. Cecilia is mentioned in another Paul Simon song, "The Coast" (from his 1990 album The Rhythm of the Saints): "A family of musicians took shelter for the night in the little harbor church of St. Cecilia.