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    07 The Feast of Steven 1


    by R_M

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    The first half of my reconstruction of this missing episode, made using stills, video clips and the surviving soundtrack.

    Well, I say "my"... Due to the lack of John Cura tele-snaps, most of the images I've used are composites and CGI from Loose Cannon's excellent reconstruction. However, I have changed a few shots, and replaced the scrolling captions with narration (by Peter Purves).

    I have the soundtrack in two forms, narrated and non-narrated. I have combined the two so that the narration is present only where I deem it necessary.

    Though John Cura took no tele-snaps of this episode, the actor Robert Jewell took 20 off-screen photographs, one of which appears in this video (specially modified for me by Chuckberryisthecoolest to minimize screen distortion).

    The picture quality varies, so I wouldn't recommend watching this full screen!

    The complete soundtrack is available on CD from BBC Audio. Support the BBC releases.